Tanis Mill Mach. Ind. and Trade Co
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Pellet Press

We hold expertise as a proficient Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Pellet Press from Turkey. Pellet Press that we bring to you is intricately designed and precision engineered. Our team of experts makes sure that our Pellet Press is free from defects and works efficiently. Our Pellet Press is economically priced.


Scope Of Use
Pellet mills working principle is, mash feed is forced outward through holes in a ring die by the action of two or three rollers, which is then cut to a predetermined size. Before mechanical process, steam can be injected into the conditioner at temperature 85 degrees celsius. The result of conditioning and pelleting process, starch is gelatanized, salmonella risk also is eliminated. Pelleting technology also used in pelleting wheat bran, bagasse, wood, plastics, papers, sewage sludge, chicken manure, classified MSW and chemicals. Die hole sizes usually range from 1.6 mm up to 22 mm.


Features And Advantages

  • High quality
  • Advantage on stocking and handling of the product
  • Helps animals digestion
  • Strenghten the feed and avoids breakage and loss.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Minimum loss rate